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Piano Lessons

If you're in the Birmingham area and looking for piano lessons, look no further. Our approach to piano lessons is different than traditional studios. While we have a deep respect for classical piano, we know students also want to learn how to play the songs they love listening to. We also know learning how to play chords and songs by ear unlocks the potential for a student to have a lifetime of enjoyment around the instrument.

My son has been taking piano from Mason Music for 5 years. He continues to grow and improve and loves the music. I appreciate that they tailor their teaching to the interests and learning methods of each child. Instead of sticking only with the songs in the piano books, they work together to learn songs that my son really loves and therefore is excited about practicing. - Alli Denning

Guitar Lessons

If you're in the Birmingham area and looking for guitar lessons, you've found the right place! Everybody wishes they could play the guitar. Seriously, go walk up to someone and ask them, do you want to know how to play the guitar? Of course! All it takes is quality instruction and some practice. We will get you so excited about playing the guitar that you will forget that practicing used to seem like a chore. Rock stars of all ages are welcome... We teach all styles of guitar, from classical to hard rock and offer lessons on the acoustic, electric, and bass guitar.

Mason Music has helped our son build self confidence through his guitar lessons. - Brooke Lauer

Drums Lessons

If your child is interested in drum lessons, you may be asking yourself, aren't drums really loud? Well, the answer is YES! And that's why they are so much fun to play. Rhythm is one of the most fundamental and foundational elements of music. Behind every great front-man is a great drummer. Call us to find out more about our drum lessons in Birmingham and how we match up drummers with other instrumentalists and singers in our Rock Band League.

My 13 year old daughter is taking drum lessons from Mason Music. She is so happy to have found great instructors! MM is full of encouragement and praise.

Voice Lessons

Looking for voice lessons in Birmingham? Do you ever sing when no one is around? Or maybe your child thinks he or she is a rockstar or a diva? Why not take it to the next level and see what some professional lessons can do for your voice? We teach our students how to use their voices properly to avoid injury and to get the best sound. Every voice is different, so your lessons will be tailored to you specifically to develop your voice to its full potential.

My daughter has been taking voice lessons from Mason Music for a couple of years and I can really see how her vocal talent is developing My favorite part is that our once shy one is becoming more and more confident on stage and looks forward to her recitals!

Group Lessons

We believe learning how to play music together in a group is an essential part of becoming a well rounded musician. We also know that no matter how good the instruction, students who simply take a private lesson every week and dont get plugged in with music elsewhere tend to lose interest over time. Our groups are designed to put skills into practice, and provide environments and opportunities to build both confidence and ability. Groups may revolve around a specific band or genre, or may be focused on songwriting, music theory, recording, or other topics. Click here for more information on current groups.

My son was really inspired by his participation in the rock band group. He really connected with the group setting and made some new friends while getting better at the guitar.

  • After being a self taught guitar player and singer for a long time, I started taking guitar and voice lessons from Mason Music. Right off the bat I began to see tremendous improvements in my singing and playing.
  • The Birmingham area is so fortunate to have a quality, well-rounded music school, and we highly recommend them!
  • The best thing we ever did for our family was to begin taking lessons from Mason Music. Their approach to lessons and music completely re-inspired my children and their love of music.
  • We found the perfect teachers at Mason Music several years ago! Every teacher we have had has taken a gentle approach to teaching my children.
  • From voice, to piano and guitar, we have taken it all, and the progress my children have made is amazing.
  • I could not be more pleased to have these young teachers around my children. They are incredible role models and incredible teachers!
  • My nine year old daughter has grown so much as a singer and performer since she started taking lessons with Mason Music. Her self-esteem has blossomed through her experience with Mason Music.

Mitch Prewitt - Drums

Mitch is a 12-year-old drummer who attends Homewood Middle School. He got his first drum set for Christmas at the age of one, and has loved music ever since. Mitch's role model is his dad, Tommy, who is also a rock drummer. From the first time Mitch registered for Mason Music's Summer Rock Band Camp three years ago, he knew he belonged there. This is Mitch's third year with Rock Band League; he has loved every minute of it and made some great friends along the way. He's known to his teachers and friends as "Little Drummer Boy" and is percussion section leader in the HMS Sixth Grade Band. When Mitch isn't drumming he enjoys dirt biking, mountain biking, basketball, skateboarding and lacrosse.  

Mason Music offers piano lessons, voice lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, violin lessons and more in Birmingham, Alabama.

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